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What is Third-Party Pet Insurance?

Author: Team Finpage
Friday, May 10, 2024

Pet parents love their furry friends. As is mostly known, dogs are considered as man’s best friend. They are usually gentle, well-behaved, and obedient. However, even the happiest and cuddliest pets can react when they are provoked. Further, a few breeds like German Shepherd and Indian Mastiff recognise the pet parent as their primary caregiver. This implies these pets have high guarding instincts. Under certain unforeseeable situations, pets can bite, and as a pet parent, you could be held responsible for injuries caused to a third person. 

A silver lining, however, is that you can opt for availing a third-party pet insurance policy. It helps cover the costs if the victim makes a claim against you. You may believe your dog is good natured and harmless. Even then, it makes sense to have 3rd party pet liability insurance, should the unthinkable happen.

What exactly is Third-Party Pet Insurance?

A third-party pet cover may be included in a comprehensive pet policy or can be taken as an add-on. This typically comes at a nominal extra fee. A third-party pet insurance policy protects you against legal expenses and fines in the event of death, injury, or property damage caused by your pet. Legal costs of defending a false claim are also offered by several third party pet policy providers. 

Remember, as a pet parent, you are legally responsible for anything that your pet does. While you can train your dog well and take preventive measures to avoid attacks, such incidents cannot be completely ruled out. This is particularly true for smaller breeds as well as hunting breeds. You can also extend the cover for pets meant for occupational or professional uses. 

A third-party pet cover protects you from huge legal charges and compensation to anyone who has suffered an injury or loss due to your pet. 

Third-Party Pet Cover: Few Factors To Consider

Here are a few things to know:

  • Consider a lifetime cover instead of a time-limited or money-limited 3rd party pet policy. It helps you stay protected against legal expenses and claims for up to 10 years. 

  • A third-party pet insurance policy is particularly important if your pet has a history of aggression. 

  • Banned breeds (like American Bulldog, Fila Brasileiro, and Dogo Argentina) are not covered under third-party insurance. 

  • Dogs involved in risky tasks (like hunting) may not be covered under pet insurance. 

Remember. the level of coverage you receive varies between policies. This typically depends on the breed of the dog. When you compare various 3rd party pet insurance policies, know their costs, coverage, exclusions, and waiting period.

Before taking a third-party pet insurance, find out if it is mandatory to register your pet in your city. Several cities, including Lucknow, Bengaluru, Pune, and Indoor, as well as districts like Ghaziabad and Gurugram, have made it mandatory to register your dog. 

Depending on your insurer for third-party pet insurance, it is possible to get additional coverage for certain situations such as straying, burglary, house theft, etc. Make sure to check the exclusions in the pet insurance plan so that you are aware what is not covered.

Team Finpage

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